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I want to continue to thank all of you who clicked on the PayPal link on the left, and contributed to the running of the Skeptical Raptor website. This may not be the most personal way to say thanks, I just didn’t want random emails ending up in your PayPal inbox.

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This article is all about:

Improving search engine results


No, this is not going to be a how-to guide on how to improve search engine results, something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I am not an expert. But I’m implementing several things to improve the standing, which should make sure that my information about vaccines continues to eclipse the lies and misinformation of the anti-vaccination crowd.

A few days ago, I noticed a comment from a regular reader why articles from the Skeptical Raptor website don’t show up in Google news results. And since I get those results, I wondered too, so I did some testing.

Apparently, many of my articles do hit Google news reports, but there’s a big problem – Google news results don’t curate the articles, so widely read junk science articles about vaccines, for example Age of Autism, get a higher ranking. This is sad.

On the other hand, results for Google searches of science and medicine are mostly curated to weed out the bad science websites. Thus, if you Google “hpv vaccine myths,” this blog’s article on HPV vaccine myths is #2. Right behind a website in Australia. I’m ok with being #2 behind an Australian pro-vaccine, anti-cancer website.

The first hit with false information about the HPV vaccine, from the ironically named group called VaxTruth, ranks about #50. They should be lower, but I think the curation process at Google is still evolving.

The Skeptical Raptor website has had nearly 4,000,000 total views, so the costs for what was once just my hobby is increasing. I’ve been working to keep load speeds as high as possible, I’ve now maxed out the specs for my servers, which now cost just below $1000 a month.  I remember back in the old days (2012), I paid $15 a month.

Every time I see a GoDaddy commercial on TV for web hosting, I think to myself “sure that works, except when you become a success.”

At any rate, I’m begging for contributions, if you can afford it, to keep this place running. Once again, my shill masters at Big Evolution, Big Agra, Big Pharma, and Big Sugar keep refusing to pay me, even after I’ve sent them several bills. Now I have to hire attorneys to get the money.

To contribute, there’s a button on the left for PayPal. Or you can just ship gold bars, I take those too.

Again, thanks for all of your support, whether monetarily or just by reading an article or two. And for those of you who are getting pinged by all the updates here, sorry. It’s for the long-term good. I hope.

And Happy Holidays for those of you who celebrate something in December. No, that’s not a war on Xmas. I’m searching for shill funding from Big Christmas.


Please comment below, positive or negative. Of course, if you find spelling errors, tell me! And share this article.

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