Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping

The Skeptical Raptor website – and its blog – has been a labor of love for just short of three years. There are over 600 posts, or about one every couple of days. That’s a lot of writing, especially since I think many of these topics require three or four thousand words to cover all of the information.

A few months ago, I had to move to a dedicated server because of the popularity of this blog. The Skeptical Raptor website was accidentally crashing other smaller websites that sat on a shared server. We’ve fixed that. Good for everybody!

Since I was moving to a better server, I went through the process to upgrade the website to something a lot more modern. And more complicated.

I have been spending a lot of time rewriting or editing a lot of the more popular posts (some have had over a half-million page views) for lots of reasons. So it may seem like I’m taking the easy route and just republishing the good stuff. If it were that easy.

Generally, this is what I do to the revised posts:

  • Fix outbound and internal links.
  • Check for new research that may enhance or contradict my points.
  • Fix spelling errors, grammar and style.
  • Change images to higher quality.
  • Subdivide huge articles into smaller ones.
  • Modernize the format.

So when I republish an article, it’s almost a new one. But if you read it before, take the time to read it again. There will be new information, hopefully helpful to answering the question you’re asking.

Lastly, it’s very expensive running this website. And the Shill Payments™ from Big Vaccine, Big Pharma, Big Agra and Big Evolution aren’t reaching the levels I want to maintain this website and keep my Ferrari running. And I’ve had to lay off my personal Big Pharma gold bar polisher last week. It’s a rough world.

In the left column, you can contribute to running and maintenance of this blog with a simple PayPal click. Anything helps. I’ll remove it once the Shill Payments™ gold bars are shipped. But seriously, this website was once a hobby and now is a money pit. Fun, but a money pit.

I hope all of this information helps.

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