Anti-vaccine Informed Consent Action Network requests emails

On January 7, 2020, my school informed me that it received a new Public Records Act request for my emails, this time from the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a well-funded anti-vaccine organization headed by Mr. Del Bigtree. The request was submitted via the law firm of Siri and Glimstad in New York, though it was not signed by Aaron Siri, a lawyer who represented groups fighting vaccines in the past.

They were also involved in an aggressive 9-hour deposition against a vaccine expert who agreed to support, pro-bono, a father seeking to vaccinate his young daughter (the father recently won his appeal). The request was signed by Attorney Allison Lucas; but since one of the requests was for emails with the word “Siri”, it is fair to see Attorney Siri as relevant, whether or not he was directly involved. Continue reading “Anti-vaccine Informed Consent Action Network requests emails”

HPV vaccine consent case in New York – a review

HPV vaccine consent case

On March 3, 2017, a complaint was filed with a federal court in New York attacking a rule that allows children to consent to HPV vaccines if they were exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. The complaint is competently written, but its arguments are unconvincing legally and deeply flawed factually. It may proceed past summary judgment, since the court is required to assume the factual premises in it are correct; but it should ultimately fail. This article will review the HPV vaccine consent case, as it stands. Continue reading “HPV vaccine consent case in New York – a review”