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Adult vaccine recommendations beyond flu, COVID — catch up

The article stresses the importance of keeping up-to-date with adult vaccines beyond just flu and COVID-19 shots. It details CDC recommendations for vaccines against RSV, shingles, pneumococcal disease, MMR, and Tdap. Ignoring these can leave adults vulnerable to serious diseases. Vaccination helps prevent disease outbreaks and potentially save lives.

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Vaccines for Children Program — saving thousands of lives

The Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) provides free vaccines to uninsured and underinsured children, drastically reducing preventable diseases and saving lives. Despite issues in rural healthcare access, VFC has been pivotal in lowering mortality rates, distributing over 71.5 million vaccine doses in 2022, and saving 700,000 children’s lives since its inception.

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COVID vax not linked to sudden deaths in young adults

A study from Oregon Health Authority analyzed cardiac-related deaths among 16 to 30-year-olds, finding no link between mRNA COVID vaccines and sudden cardiac death. Out of 1292 young people’s deaths analyzed, only three had vaccine links, none confirming vaccines as a cause. The vaccine is recommended for those ≥6 months to prevent COVID-19.

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Long COVID cases continue to rise in the USA

Recent data from the US Census Bureau and CDC reveal a spike in long COVID cases into early 2024 compared to October 2023. Long COVID’s ambiguous symptoms, often exacerbated by prior health issues, are challenging to manage with no cure available. Despite vaccines reducing risks, low booster uptake may contribute to the trend, with the latest survey indicating 17.4-17.6% of respondents experiencing long COVID, a significant rise from the previous range of 14-15%. Additionally, a high rate of acute cases in North Carolina correlates with increased long COVID reports.

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Bird flu outbreaks — what are the scientific facts

An emerging bird flu outbreak involves the H5N1 subtype, with the potential of infecting humans. Currently, 48 states reported outbreaks in birds, but only two human cases, one mild, were confirmed. While there’s no immediate concern for a pandemic, health authorities remain vigilant, and vaccines are available. The press may be reacting strongly to the situation.

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Norovirus — highly contagious stomach virus hitting the USA

Norovirus cases are on the rise in the U.S., with 759 outbreaks reported by mid-February 2024. Despite being highly contagious and causing severe gastroenteritis, most people recover without medical intervention. Preventive measures include handwashing and disinfecting with bleach, as there is no cure or vaccine, though one shows promise in clinical trials. Severe cases, particularly in children, may require hospitalization for dehydration.

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Updated COVID-19 vaccines have high effectiveness

Recent research indicates that updated COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective against severe results like emergency room visits and hospitalizations among adults. Despite Omicron variants circulating, those vaccinated are significantly less likely to need medical attention if infected. Data underscores the importance of receiving the latest COVID vaccine for protection.

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COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy – the CDC now recommends it

The CDC endorses the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant individuals based on a study showing no significant safety concerns. Research involving 35,691 pregnant participants found typical vaccination symptoms and no evidence of increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes. The findings suggest the vaccine’s efficacy and safety during pregnancy, reinforcing its importance for maternal and fetal health.