A vaccine holiday gift to all

festivus-kwanza-christmas-chanukah-etcSo here it is, another holiday. Christmas. Chanukah (which has evolved into Jewish version of Christmas in the USA). The Winter Solstice. Sol Invictus, the Roman festival celebrating rebirth of the sun which just randomly fell on December 25th. Kwanza. Festivus, for those of you who remember Seinfeld.

Oh wait. I’m letting my cynical atheist and skeptical underwear show.

But I don’t mind giving gifts (nor getting gelt, which always makes me feel good), so the Skeptical Raptor, suppressing the holiday curmudgeon-ness, brings a gift of vaccine facts. Enjoy.

Just click on the image below. Yes click, it’s not going to take you to a Big Pharma brainwashing website.

Click here. Go ahead. Click.


So happy holidays.