Worrying about my baby during flu season

My younger son is growing. He is now rolling back and forth. He’s big for his age; not yet five months, the six months outfits are too small, and most nine months outfits are just right. He’s a happy baby. Smiles easily, laughs easily most of the time. He loves when we pay attention to him, talk and sing, and he likes to be tickled. He has the cutest laugh.

He is fascinated by his older brother; these days, if his brother sits with us during nursing, he stops eating and stares. His brother is wonderful with him: comes over when he cries, and makes him laugh, holds his hand in the car, wants to help with baby care.

So far, my baby has not had any real health problems; even when the rest of us got a cold, the worst he had was mild congestion. We have been lucky.

He has quite the appetite, though we are down to two feedings a night, which is much better than nursing every hour or two, which was the case during his first four months. He’s vaccinated on schedule, of course, like most kids in the United States. That means he is, at this point, protected against several dangerous diseases, though he has not yet completed any series of immunizations.  Continue reading “Worrying about my baby during flu season”