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Los Angeles COVID-19 vaccinations blocked by anti-vaccine terrorists

On 30 January 2021, anti-vaccine protestors shut down mass COVID-19 vaccinations at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. About 50 protestors blocked access to the stadium which kept people who had been waiting for hours to get vaccinated against the diseases.

I know that some of you out there think we should treat these anti-vaccine lunatics with respect and professionalism. Why?

These people are vile, ignorant, hateful, narcissistic liars who have no concerns for the lives of other human beings. If these morons want to deny the settled science on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they can join with flat-earthers and other conspiracy idiots to share their backward beliefs with one another. They don’t have to stop others, who are rational and accept the science of actually trained people, from getting the vaccine. 

I’m tired of these anti-vaccine clowns, but the blocking of mass COVID-19 vaccinations in Los Angeles is a step too far. There is no further need to pretend that these people are “misguided,” they are a clear and present danger to our citizens. 

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