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Valneva-Pfizer Lyme disease vaccine — phase 3 trials to start soon

There is a new vaccine that is under investigation that could help us stop Lyme disease, and it’s beginning phase 3 clinical trials soon. That means we could have this vaccine widely available in just a few years.

Of course, dogs have had access to a Lyme disease vaccine, but there has not been a vaccine available for humans for over 20 years. It’s not that dogs are more important than humans (though many of us might argue that point), it’s just that about 20 years the anti-vaxxers got the vaccine pulled from the market, one of their few “successes” in getting rid of useful vaccines.

But a small company, Valneva, is getting a safe and effective vaccine moving down the development pathway. Hopefully, we’ll have it in just a few more years.

Let’s take a look at this disease.

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