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Human papillomavirus

HPV vaccine cancer risks

HPV vaccine reduces the risks of cancer for men and women

A large cohort study showcased at the ASCO meeting demonstrates that the HPV vaccine significantly reduces cancer risks associated with human papillomavirus in both men and women. Vaccinated individuals exhibited lower incidences of various cancers, proving the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety, despite anti-vaccine claims. This finding reinforces the vaccine’s life-saving potential.

Vax-Unvax HPV

Debunking RFK Jr and Hooker’s book “Vax-Unvax” – Part 5, HPV vax

In this article, Dr. Frank Han critically reviews the misrepresentations in Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker’s book regarding the HPV vaccine. The book claims the vaccine’s approval was rushed and ineffective against various health issues, contradicting established scientific evidence. Dr. Han, utilizing his expertise, refutes these allegations one by one, emphasizing the vaccine’s proven effectiveness in preventing HPV-related cancers. The book frequently misinterprets data, misunderstands medical procedures, and ignores significant clinical evidence, showcasing a lack of credible scientific understanding by its authors.

HPV vaccine cancer

HPV vaccine is not just about cervical cancer, but other cancers

Despite our best efforts, a lot of people believe the HPV vaccine is just for cervical cancer in women. In fact, the HPV vaccine prevents many other cancers that are as dangerous or maybe even more dangerous than cervical cancer.

Too many people focus on preventing cancer in women rather than the fact that the HPV vaccine prevents many forms of cancer in anyone who has sex. It doesn’t matter if one is gay, lesbian, or straight, HPV, which is linked to cancers, can be transmitted sexually between partners.

This article is here to remind everyone that HPV is linked to many different cancers. And given that there are just a handful of ways to reliably prevent cancer, the HPV vaccine becomes one of the most powerful tools to prevent these dangerous, debilitating, and deadly diseases.

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HPV vaccine effective

New systematic review says HPV vaccine is effective — of course

I enjoy repeating myself about the HPV vaccine, but another systematic review says it is effective in preventing HPV infections. And when we can prevent HPV infections, we can prevent a long list of cancers.

I know some of you think that your blueberry kale smoothies prevent cancer, but there are really only a handful of ways to prevent cancer. The HPV vaccine is one of the most effective methods to prevent cancer.

Let’s review HPV, the HPV vaccine, and this new systematic review.

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