Big Pharma vaccine profits – a myth easily debunked

vaccine profits

Note – this article has been updated and published here.

One of the ongoing memes, tropes and fabrications of the vaccine deniers is somehow, somewhere, in some Big Pharma boardroom, a group of men and women in suits choose the next vaccine in some magical way, and foist it upon the world just to make billions of dollars. And while magically concocting the vaccine brew, these pharmaceutical execs ignore ethics and morals just to make excessive vaccine profits from hapless vaccine-injured victims worldwide.

The Big Pharma vaccine profits conspiracy trope ranges across the junk medicine world. Homeopathy, for example, claims that Big Pharma suppresses the data that shows water cures all diseases. Like Ebola.

A new article published in Health Affairs (pdf) examined the actual costs of vaccine-preventable diseases. The Big Pharma vaccine profits conspiracy is still one of most amusing myths of the antivaccination world, because clearly the best economic choice for Big Pharma would be to provide medications and devices for those who are stricken by these diseases. Continue reading “Big Pharma vaccine profits – a myth easily debunked”