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Long COVID may decrease IQ by up to nine points

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine has found that long COVID can impair cognitive function, equating to a loss of up to six IQ points in those with symptoms lasting over 12 weeks. The research highlights the uncertainty over the long-term implications of such deficits, which could be particularly serious for patients who were in the ICU with COVID-19 and suffered a larger cognitive decline. The study did not establish individual cognitive declines pre-COVID, which the accompanying editorial suggests is a significant limitation that requires further investigation.

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Fluoride lowers IQ – hey vaccine deniers, this study is almost useless

Recently, I wrote an article about the published study that seemed to show that fluoride lowers IQ in children. I predicted that the anti-vaccine religion would jump all over it as an indication that public health authorities are useless – it took like an hour before the anti-vaxxers employed all of their useless pseudoscience and conspiracy theories to jump all over that. 

I was somewhat ambivalent about the research, but I thought it might be an indicator that there could be an issue with water fluoridation. However, upon further review, I’ve come to the realization that this was pretty much worthless.

So do we know if fluoride lowers IQ? Based on research published in JAMA Pediatrics, no we don’t. In fact, I’m willing to state that we should be confident that fluoridated water is still safe while preventing cavities.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve noticed.Read More »Fluoride lowers IQ – hey vaccine deniers, this study is almost useless

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Fluoridated water lowers IQ – maybe, but watch vaccine deniers embrace it

A new article was just published that concludes that fluoridated water lowers IQ of children. Of course, this will become dogma not only for those who hate fluoridated water but also for the vaccine deniers who think that modern science is the scourge of the planet. 

However, what you see in the all-too-frequent exaggerated articles from many science journalists is almost always not what the actual study says. I guess clickbait headlines matter more than scientific accuracy.

Well, it’s time to do what the old dinosaur always does – check out this new article that claims that fluoridated water lowers IQ. Read More »Fluoridated water lowers IQ – maybe, but watch vaccine deniers embrace it