Preventing cancer deaths – American lifestyle choices

Preventing cancer deaths

Cancer is a big topic around the science and pseudoscience communities. Cancer, which is really like 250 different diseases, is oversimplified. And treatments and preventions range from science based to simply useless (and thereby, dangerous). Preventing cancer deaths – the outcome we all desire – has been studied in detail, and I want to examine what we can do for this disease.

I’ve written a lot about cancer. Yes, there are a few ways to reduce your cancer risk, but it’s rather limited. A lot of highly promoted ideas, like avoiding processed meat, only slightly reduce your absolute risk for getting certain cancers.

And no, smoking marijuana does not reduce your risk for any cancer nor treat any cancer, but it may actually slightly increase your risk. And, just because it’s become a “thing” again on the internet, acidic blood does not cause cancer.

Despite the tropes and memes on Facebook, probably the most pseudoscientific pushing website on the planet outside of Natural News, physicians and real scientists are basically winning the war on cancer. Incidence and mortality are down for most cancers, which I’m sure would surprise many readers.

A recently published study examines lifestyle choices that can really have an impact on cancer incidence and mortality, confirming what we knew and suspected. But it’s good to have a large study authenticating it. Let’s review it.
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