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Author of Vampire Diaries vilifies antivaccine parents


I’m going to admit that I don’t read “young adult” novels. I don’t even watch “young adult” movies, though that line is kind of murky. I don’t want my vampires to be sparkly and play baseball. And I don’t want my post-apocalyptic future to exclude zombies.

One of the more popular horror/teen romance/vampire series of novels is The Vampire Diaries, by L.J. Smith, which has been made into a very popular TV series by the same name. I’ve occasionally watched the TV series, but it’s really not my thing, but I will admit I kind of like the premise. I guess I’m just a cranky old dude who doesn’t get the whole romance and horror being combined.

Of course, my personal tastes in reading material tend towards medicine and recent history–the last book I read was about the political maneuverings prior to World War I, so there’s that. But everything above isn’t relevant to my usual subjects of writing, so let me get to the point.Read More »Author of Vampire Diaries vilifies antivaccine parents