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COVID vaccines may prevent long COVID conditions

Recent research compared COVID-19 vaccine recipients with unvaccinated individuals who had breakthrough infections, showing significantly lower risks of long-term health issues in the vaccinated group. Long-COVID symptoms, including hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, were reduced by 65-79% in the vaccinated group after 90 days, indicating the vaccine’s long-term benefits.

long vax

Long vax — rare neurologic syndrome after COVID vaccines

A newly published paper highlights that individuals experiencing rare but prolonged adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine often exhibit neurological symptoms, a phenomenon termed “long vax”. Despite anti-vaccine activism seizing this study as leverage, the study reaffirms the vaccine’s safety as “long vax” occurrence is significantly lower compared to long COVID-19.

COVID-19 ICU patients

COVID ICU patients show physical, mental, cognitive effects after a year

A new peer-reviewed study shows that COVID-19 patients who were treated in an intensive care unit (ICU) exhibited physical, mental, and cognitive effects a year after treatment. This study shows the long COVID effects are serious and not something that should be ignored.

Of course, the fact that patients who survive COVID-19 in the ICU may live with non-trivial symptoms is even more evidence that the vaccine is a prudent and smart choice.

So, all of you who know my style of writing, I’m going to review this new article giving you the highlights in data with a bit of commentary about the limitations of the study along with what it may tell us. Here we go.

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