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HPV vaccine adverse events

HPV vaccine adverse events – anti-vaxxer codswallop lacking evidence

I’ve been battling the anti-vaccine religion for over 20 years, both online and in person. I know their pseudoscientific Gish gallops by heart, and I swear I if I could set up an auto-answer bot on Twitter and Facebook, I could save myself hours per day. But, like I’ve said many times, the HPV vaccine is one of the most hated vaccines on the market – every day anti-vax flapdoodle will try to portray these “dangerous” HPV vaccine adverse events that make it deadly or something.

So, what’s new on the Gardasil hatred? The infamous J.B. Handley, whom I’ve thoroughly criticized before and who was kicked off of the Medium website for pushing anti-vaccine gobbledygook, continues his shilling against the cancer-preventing vaccine by overstating HPV vaccine adverse events in a Facebook post.

And you know when someone throws down a pseudoscientific gauntlet about one of the most important vaccines for teens and young adults, it’s time to accept the challenge. Read More »HPV vaccine adverse events – anti-vaxxer codswallop lacking evidence