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COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing bottlenecks – troubling issues

With the good news recently regarding the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, I remain concerned about COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing bottlenecks. This could be an important issue that seems to be ignored by a lot of the public. This isn’t some MBA school consideration, it is a serious problem that could delay these vaccines for a long time.

I constantly joke that people oversimplify how we get a vaccine – throw some ingredients in a blender and, voila, we’ve got a vaccine. If only it was that easy.

This article is going to attempt to review COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing along with some of the bottlenecks that keep appearing. And this isn’t just an issue with the two mRNA vaccines that seem to be the fastest to market, but with all of the leading vaccines.

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Vaccines made in China

Vaccines made in China – another ridiculous anti-vax myth

One of the most ridiculous myths of the anti-vaccine world is that vaccines made in China dominate the US market. I took a look at every vaccine licensed for use in America to determine where they are manufactured. Spoiler alert – none are made in China.

I didn’t even know this was an anti-vaccine myth until recently. But once I looked into the topic, it was clearly prevalent in the anti-vaccine world. Many vaccines are manufactured in the USA, but the remainder are made in Canada, Japan and Europe.

Here’s a list of the most important vaccines licensed in the United States with their location of manufacture.Read More »Vaccines made in China – another ridiculous anti-vax myth