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Zombie research – epidemiology, prevention and treatment

Zombie research on the potential of a massive zombie outbreaks has become an important focus of science and medicine recently.

Zombies are known as biters, cold bodies, creepers, dead ones, floaters, geeks, lamebrains, lurkers, monsters, roamers, rotters, skin eaters, and walkers, according to the historical TV show The Walking Dead. Other historical documents have called them Zeds, Zs, Zekes, and ghouls.

Zombie research has come to a scientific consensus that a true zombie must meet three criteria (for an exception, see Note 1):

  • It is a reanimated human corpse,
  • it is relentlessly aggressive, and
  • it is biologically infected and can pass that infection to healthy humans.

Recently, a researcher on the science of zombies, Tara C Smith (see Notes 2 and 3 ), an associate professor of biostatistics at Kent State University, published a review article on zombie epidemiology in BMJ, which examines the history, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of zombie infections. I will endeavor to review some of the more important points as a service to my loyal readers.

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