Painless, needle-less injection for vaccinations

I’ve got your painless injector.

As I’ve discussed, I disagree with almost every objection to vaccinations, unless it’s a very specific medical condition. However, the pain of the injection is one thing that makes both children, and frankly, many adults, shutter at the sight, and even thought, of a vaccination. The retail chain, Target, had an online poll that said that 23% of people wouldn’t get the flu shot because they were afraid of needles. Maybe a part of the anti-vaccination movement results from parents seeing their children scream when getting shots.

There are ways to make the needles hurt less, usually by using a smaller needle. Unfortunately, a smaller needle makes the flow rate slower, and requires pushing at a higher pressure, causing less control over the injection. This itself could cause more pain in the patient. If we only had those injectors that Bones used on Star Trek. Continue reading “Painless, needle-less injection for vaccinations”