Lori Matheson refuses vaccines for child – Michigan Supreme Court disagrees

Lori Matheson

On November 21, 2019, the Court of Appeals in Michigan rejected the appeal of Lori Matheson against a trial court order ordering her to give her daughter more time with her father, to vaccinate her daughter according to the recommended schedule, and to choose a new pediatrician for the child in collaboration with her father. The court found that it’s in the child’s best interest to be vaccinated.

This is a dispute between the divorced parents of a now four-year-old child (whose name is omitted for her privacy) about her care and custody. Vaccines are only one of the issues in dispute, the one I will focus on (since that is my area). Continue reading “Lori Matheson refuses vaccines for child – Michigan Supreme Court disagrees”

Voices for Vaccines – infected for a cause

Voices for Vaccines

There are a lot of people out there fighting the nonsense and pushing the facts about vaccines. I try to do it, but I’m a carnivore, and very aggressive. One of the best vaccination advocacy groups  is Voices for Vaccines.

[infobox icon=”info”]Voices for Vaccines is a parent-led organization that supports and advocates for on-time vaccination and the reduction of vaccine-preventable disease. Although the majority of parents choose to immunize their children against disease, most of us do not speak out about our decisions because it seems to us common sense. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of parents are choosing not to immunize or to under-immunize their children, which has led to increasing rates of vaccine-preventable diseases and needless suffering.

At Voices for Vaccines, our mission is to provide families three crucial tools:

  • Evidence-based information about the safety and importance of immunization
  • A vibrant community of parents who are passionate about preventing disease, disability, and death by supporting and encouraging sound vaccine policies and practices at both the state and national levels
  • An opportunity to join the discussion and to actively advocate for on-time immunization


They are one of the leading groups who work hard at pushing out scientific information about vaccines, immunizations. Moreover, they help provide knowledge about the proper schedule for vaccinations.

They rely upon a respected scientific advisory board that includes Paul A Offit, Stanley A Plotkin and many other scientists and healthcare professionals with long expertise in vaccines.

Because Voices for Vaccines is a completely volunteer group, they need to raise charitable donations to keep their website and activities going. It’s important that they keep providing their services to families across the world, so that vaccine preventable diseases go away and never return.

Please take the time to contribute just $5 (but of course, more will help) to them, so that they can continue to advocate for the safety and importance of vaccinations. Because, as we all know, vaccines save lives.

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