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Pseudoscience is easy to identify if you examine their claims

The blog focuses on identifying and countering pseudoscience by emphasizing the importance of evidence-based science. It critiques figures like Steve Kirsch and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for using pseudoscientific methods that lack repeatability, reliability, and credibility. The blog provides guidelines to distinguish pseudoscience from genuine science, centered on falsifiability and robust data scrutiny.

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Measles is vaccine-preventable, yet it is coming back

Measles, a highly contagious respiratory disease, is making a resurgence due to reduced vaccination levels influenced by myths and misinformation, including debunked claims linking the MMR vaccine to autism. This safe and effective vaccine prevents not only measles but also severe complications like pneumonia and encephalitis. Despite its rarity in recent decades due to widespread vaccination, current complacency among parents poses risks, underscoring the importance of maintaining high immunization rates to protect public health.

Steve Kirsch vaccine debate

Steve Kirsch wants a vaccine debate — science doesn’t debate

The author declines a debate with tech bro Steve Kirsch on vaccine safety, arguing science isn’t subject to debate, and Kirsch lacks evidence to support his anti-vaccine claims. The writer emphasizes that thousands of experts in relevant scientific disciplines have solid evidence regarding vaccine safety. They denounce Kirsch’s usage of virulent misinformation and pseudoscience and view the proposed debate as a futile exercise, not needing or wanting any part in this pseudo-debate.