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COVID-19 vaccines diabetes

Do COVID vaccines cause diabetes? Another anti-vax myth

Anti-vaxxers falsely claim COVID-19 vaccines cause diabetes, ignoring that the virus itself may increase diabetes risk. Diabetes, characterized by high blood sugar, comes in Type 1 (autoimmune) and Type 2 (often lifestyle-related). COVID-19 vaccines can briefly raise blood sugar, a minor issue compared to their protective benefits. No evidence supports vaccines causing diabetes, while COVID-19 has a proven link to the disease.

COVID-19 diabetes

COVID-19 linked to type 1 diabetes – another reason for the vaccine

Well, if you need another reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine, then it should be that the disease itself may increase the risk of type 1 diabetes. Along with many other long-term health issues, some people may develop type 1 diabetes after an acute COVID-19 infection.

I want to briefly discuss this consequence of the disease because the long-term healthcare issues resulting from a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes are deeply concerning.

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