Agricultural pesticides cause autism? Don’t hold your breath.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you would think that I spend a lot of time discussing autism spectrum disorders (ASD). But the goals of this blog is weed out and debunk pseudoscientific beliefs, especially some of the more popular ones.

Probably the most ridiculous belief about autism is the claim that vaccines cause autism, something that was fraudulently invented by a charlatan, and has been thoroughly debunked by real scientific evidence.

You’d think that the belief about vaccines and autism would be completely gone by now, right? Well, not really. Irrational and, frankly cult-like, groups such as Age of Autism refuse to give up. Of course, the Age of Autism is so deluded by their illogical and unscientific beliefs, they oppose funding for genetic research into autism.

For reasons beyond the scope of this blog and my interests, parents need to find blame for why their children may have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  About three years ago, Emily Willingham, Ph.D., whom I consider to be one of the leading ASD scientific experts on this planet, wrote a hysterical, but still appropriate, article about all the popular causes of ASD. Older mothers. Older fathers. Depressed mothers. Fingers. Facial features. Facial features?

And then more recently, it’s a claim that pesticides cause autism. Time to see what kind of science supports this “cause.”

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