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Nicole Shanahan

RFK Jr running mate Nicole Shanahan — anti-vaccine tropes

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a law professor, critiques Nicole Shanahan’s misunderstanding of vaccine compensation systems and adverse event monitoring, following Shanahan’s inaccurate tweets. Shanahan, running mate of anti-vaccine presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., incorrectly identified VAERS as a compensatory body and propagated misconceptions about vaccine injuries and compensation responsibilities. Reiss clarifies the role of VAERS, explaining its function as a monitoring database not involved in compensation, and discusses the actual compensation systems (VICP and CICP), emphasizing their benefits over the tort system proposed by Shanahan. Reiss’s article aims to correct misinformation and advocate for accurate understanding of vaccine safety and compensation mechanisms.


Florida Surgeon General Ladapo is wrong about COVID vaccines

Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, alleged that COVID-19 vaccines might contain SV40 virus DNA, without evidence. FDA’s Dr. Peter Marks strongly refuted Ladapo’s claims based on scientific evidence, noting Ladapo’s history of spreading vaccine misinformation. This article reviews Ladapo’s unfounded statements and highlights their lack of scientific merit.