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Do supplements prevent cancer or heart disease

Do supplements prevent cancer or heart disease? No evidence

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) found insufficient evidence to recommend supplements for cancer and heart disease prevention, except for cases with specific medical needs. Expensive supplements generally result in “very expensive urine,” with no benefit for those without nutrient deficiencies. The USPSTF’s evaluations, which influence healthcare coverages, are based on high-quality clinical studies, leaving most supplements without support for their claimed benefits.

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Vitamin D supplements do not prevent cancer

Claims about vitamin D supplements preventing or curing cancer are greatly exaggerated. Most research, typically in cell culture or animal models, fails to translate into clinical relevance. Large studies have found no link between vitamin D and reduced cancer incidence or improved cancer outcomes. Though essential in regulated amounts, excess vitamin D is toxic, and its synthesis is a response to sunlight, limiting the benefits and posing skin cancer risks. Individuals diagnosed with deficiencies should follow medical advice but not expect miraculous cancer prevention.

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The vitamin D hype is not supported by scientific evidence

Vitamin D supplements are popular but lack strong scientific evidence for treating or preventing various diseases beyond bone health. While maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is important for calcium absorption and preventing rickets and osteomalacia, the benefits of supplementation for other conditions, like cancer or diabetes, are not supported by robust data. Excessive intake may also pose health risks. It’s essential to differentiate between correlation and causation, and to understand that a balanced diet and sunlight typically suffice for adequate vitamin D levels.