Thaumaturgy – the colorful and feathery dinosaur finds it delicious

Thaumaturgy, there’s a word for you. It’s magic or a miracle, used by many to explain events or observations that strain the ability of science to explain it.

Just because one cannot explain something, does not mean that we have to default to magic or thaumaturgy. In fact, I am convinced that everything in our natural universe can be explained with enough time, reasoning and data. The only mysteries are those that will be understood in the future.

Sometimes, cancer patients will not respond to treatment. Suddenly, their symptoms lesson, and the cancer will go into remission. It’s not a miracle from prayer or magical crystals. There is an explanation, based on real science, that just needs to be uncovered. Maybe the cancer had a delayed response to chemotherapy. Maybe the individuals immune system randomly “learned” how to attack the cancer because of a mutation in the cancer. Maybe the patient started drinking beer, and their favorite beer had one key component that just happened to have an effect on that patient’s unique cancer.

Please, no one go out into the world and say “the Skeptical Raptor claims that beer cures cancer.” Please don’t. The dinosaur will have to go in hiding along with the reptilians that control governments all over the world.

Once again, the feathery dinosaur is here asking for help to grow and maintain this website. The Skeptical Raptor does not make a profit on this site, but has, in reality, lost thousands of dollars trying to keep it running.

The other day, we received an email from someone that why don’t we just use one of those website hosts, like GoDaddy (advertised heavily in the USA), which charge like $10 a month. Those type of hosts provide space to several websites on one server, generally called a shared server.  If one website starts using too much power, by becoming too large, then the host demands that you move to a more powerful server.

That’s what happened to this website. We were using this very nice host who had great customer service. But, in early 2015, we went from 1000 hits a day to 20,000 hits a day. The host service was unhappy and shut me down, and it took over a month to move to a new server. And the cost to us was measured in several thousand dollars.

This website’s Facebook page was packed with comments about whether links would come back. Whether we’d come back. There are a lot of articles here that are linked to many other articles across the internet.

We consider this website to be a resource, not a profit-oriented enterprise. It will be here for as long as this dinosaur is alive with at least a few neurons working.

But we need your help to make this website more efficient along with having some headroom to grow. Over the past five years, the page views on Skeptical Raptor has grown over 50% a year, with no sign of plateauing.

We really need your help, and anything you can dig out of your pocket (even lint, though attached to a $5 bill would be better) will go towards making certain that we maintain our Google ranking for vaccine and GMO articles.

Please join the effort to modernize this website and make it accessible to everyone all the time. Click on any link below, and help out if you can.

The feathery dinosaur thanks you.




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