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The Skeptical Raptor gets COVID-19, adding to an awful 2022

Last updated on January 3rd, 2023 at 05:37 pm

The ancient feathered dinosaur known as the Skeptical Raptor got hit with COVID-19 last week. Although I have had five vaccinations, I wear a mask whenever I am in public, and I stay away from other human beings (or feathered dinosaurs), I still got hit by the coronavirus.

I think I picked up the coronavirus while I was at a physician’s appointment to treat my cellulitis. So many people were hacking and coughing into their masks, I figured that I’d be lucky to avoid the flu, respiratory syncytial virus, or the flu.

Because I was careful and because I had all of my boosters, I figure I had caught a “light version” of the disease. Nevertheless, I have had random coughing fits, a chronic stuffy nose, and brain fog for the past 15 days. My pO2 is stable between 97-100% (almost perfect), my body temperature is around 37ºC (perfect), and my digestive tract is unaffected.

I wish I had received Paxlovid, but by the time I had reported my test results to my healthcare plan and some massive miscommunication from the same healthcare plan (yes, I’m angry about this), I couldn’t get a prescription in time. So I hope I’m not going for long COVID. That will make this year just about the worst ever for me.

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Now, you might think that I’d be disappointed with the vaccines since I caught the disease. I’m not. There are so many variants and sub-variants of coronavirus floating around, it’s difficult to be perfectly immune. Based on the research, because I’m fully vaccinated, I probably avoided a trip to the hospital and another extended stay in the ICU. The Skeptical Raptor (sorry for writing in the third person) didn’t need COVID-19, but alas, it hit him.

I’m still cyber-begging. I have spent so much money on my healthcare and other issues these past few months, I don’t know if I’ll ever get ahead. I started this process to try to move closer to my daughters, who would have helped with all of my healthcare challenges over the past three months.

I know that it’s the holiday season, but I really could use your help. There are four ways you can help, two are free of charge. Please help out. Thanks!

Number 1

The first way costs you no money, other than buying something on Amazon. Just click on the image/link and buy whatever suits your fancy.

Number 2

The second way is Patreon:

Become a Patron!

All you have to do is go to my Patreon Page and my latest posts from here will appear there as if they were magic, without any advertising. You get the same articles that are here, but ad-free (which I know some people want). It only costs $5 to be a Patron, but more will help too.

Number 3

And the final way is on my GoFundMe page:

Bonus Number 4

Oh, there’s one really easy way to help me out. Please share my articles on any social media platform you like, that really helps all the time.

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