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Today, nearly all COVID deaths in the USA are in unvaccinated

The Associated Press has just published an analysis that shows that currently, nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the USA are in those who have not received the vaccines. If that’s not an incentive to get the vaccine, I don’t know what else to say.

Although the number of deaths from COVID-19 has dropped to under 300 a day (as of 30 June 2021), compared to the over 3000 per day before vaccines became available, one has to wonder if that number would be near zero if everyone vaccinated.

COVID deaths report from AP

The report, which analyzed available Federal and state data from May 2021, provided some very important data, which I’ll summarize here:

  • About 1200 of more than 107,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations (1.1%) were breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people.
  • About 150 of more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths (0.8%) in May 2021 were in fully vaccinated individuals.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that the vaccine is so effective that

..nearly every death, especially among adults, due to COVID-19, is, at this point, entirely preventable.

She called such deaths “particularly tragic.”

According to the CDC, about 63% of all vaccine-eligible Americans — those 12 and older — have received at least one dose, and 53% are fully vaccinated. While COVID vaccines are scarce in much of the world, the U.S. supply is so abundant and demand has slumped so dramatically that shots sit unused.

COVID-19 deaths

We have heard all of the reasons for not getting the COVID-19 vaccines – from conspiracy theories to Bill Gates’ nanobots to fertility issues to whatever is the issue of the week about these vaccines.

But let’s be clear. This data shows that those who do not receive the vaccine die from the disease, while those of us who are fully vaccinated have little risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

It also appears that the lowest rate of vaccination is in those who are younger, who for some odd reasons, believe that they have little or no risk from the disease. That’s false, but more than that, they can spread the disease to family members and others who are partially vaccinated or who are just unlucky and the vaccine wasn’t very effective (which happens rarely).

But again, the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19 is over 100X greater in those who are unvaccinated. That’s not a small difference, that’s on the level of difference of risk between smokers and non-smokers for cancer.

People may think that they have some superpower against the disease. Well they don’t. But those of us who are vaccinated actually have that superpower. Think about it.


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