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Why we vaccinate–debunking flu vaccine myths in 25 easy steps

Last updated on October 1st, 2020 at 12:44 pm

flu-shot-mythThe seasonal flu is associated with an estimated 54,000 to 430,000 hospitalizations and approximately 3,000 to 49,000 deaths annually in the USA. So anyone who thinks that the flu isn’t a serious disease, needs to look at those numbers again. People die. And not just the old or sick–healthy people and children are killed by the flu. And let’s not forget about more serious pandemics, like H1N1, that can kill many more people.

We’ve all heard the excuses and myths about the flu vaccines. They’re repeated over and over again not only by those who are vaccine deniers, but more often by average people who just refuse to get the vaccine. This week, a fellow blogger and someone whom I’ve gotten to know over the past couple of years, Tara Haelle, spent numerous hours putting together the Top 25 Myths about the flu vaccine, which she published here. Read it. Please. 

So, below is her list of 25 myths about the flu vaccine, with links back to her article (and in some cases, to this blog too) that debunk the myth. After you read this, share it with everyone. Your neighbor who won’t get the flu vaccine. Your spouse. Your parents. Your coworker. And one more person–yourself.

So there it is, 25 myths (and 3 sub-myths) that are commonly heard about the flu vaccine. People die from the flu, so unless you’re a serious dumbass about flu vaccinations, it’s time to set aside the myths, ignore the slight sting of the needle jab, and get immunized against the flu.

I really want to thank Tara for this list, one that, as she states, is long overdue. Visit her blog, Red Wine and Apple SauceFollow her on Twitter. Like her Facebook page about evidence-based parenting.

One final comment. Isn’t it funny that those of us who think vaccines help people, provide accurate, scientific information, can write a list like this? And the vaccine deniers can only use logical fallacies and cherry picking bad science to make a list of lies? Because vaccines save lives, and we have mountains of evidence supporting it.


If you need to search for accurate information and evidence about vaccines try the Science-based Vaccine Search Engine.


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