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Vitamin C does not help treat severe COVID-19

For several decades, vitamin C has been claimed to treat all kinds of diseases and conditions, but science has never supported its effectiveness. More recently, there have been claims that vitamin C can prevent or treat COVID-19. At least for severe COVID-19, vitamin C doesn’t do anything according to new clinical studies.

Since people may come across one of these internet websites that make false claims about vitamin C and COVID-19, I think that a review of this new research would be useful to the reader. As I usually do, I will take a look at the research, critically analyzing it for the reader.

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Vitamin C and COVID-19 paper

In a paper published on 25 October 2023 in JAMA, Neill K. J. Adhikari, MDCM, MSc, of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, and co-authors examined the data from two clinical trials clinical trials known as LOVIT-COVID and REMAP-CAP, both of which examined the effect of vitamin C on severe COVID-19 cases.

Here are their key findings:

  • Among critically ill patients given vitamin C, the median number of organ-support-free days was 7 versus 10 in the control group. This was not statistically significant.
  • Of patients who were not critically ill, the median number of organ-support-free days was 22 days for both the vitamin C and control groups.
  • Survival to hospital discharge in critically ill patients was 61.9% in the vitamin C group versus 64.6% in the control group.
  • Among non-critically ill patients, survival to discharge was 85.1% in the vitamin C group and 86.6% in the control group.
  • For critically ill patients, the posterior probability for efficacy of vitamin C therapy was 8.6%, 91.4% for harm, and 99.9% for futility. In other words, the risk of harm from vitamin C therapy vastly outweighed its effectiveness in treating severe COVID-19.
  • The posterior probabilities for non-critically ill patients were 17.8% for efficacy, 82.2% for harm, and 98.1% for futility. Again, the harm from vitamin C therapy was much greater than its effectiveness.

Because of the high level of harm and futility, both clinical trials were stopped early.

The authors concluded:

Although the allure of vitamin C may continue to tempt clinicians, the results from the harmonized LOVIT-COVID and REMAP-CAP trials should lead clinicians to use therapies that have been demonstrated to be beneficial in patients with COVID-19 as opposed to one that is almost certainly ineffective and potentially harmful.


Once again, one of those “miracle” treatments for COVID-19, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, failed to actually do anything in treating the disease. Vitamin C just doesn’t do anything for any disease except preventing scurvy.

If you want to prevent COVID-19, then get the vaccine and keep your mask on. Eating a dozen oranges to keep your vitamin C levels up isn’t going to help.


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