Whooping cough outbreak in British Columbia

According to the CBC, the whooping cough outbreak is still growing in Fraser Valley, British Columbia in Canada. Fifty cases have been reported recently, bringing the total to around 250 cases in one small area. And now there are cases in Vancouver, a large city, where the highly contagious whooping cough infection will spread quickly to those who are unvaccinated, or whose immunity from vaccination has worn off.  

Adults, who have not updated their vaccinations, are at risk of getting the disease, then spreading it to infants (before they receive their first vaccination), to children whose parents think that their kids should not be vaccinated, or to other adults. The disease, which can be very dangerous, has a high enough level of  serious side-effects that it’s important to be immunized against the disease. Even in adults, long-term bronchial infections may occur. There’s even reports of sufferers breaking ribs by coughing so much. 

These diseases, like whooping cough, measles, chicken pox and others, are highly contagious and can be dangerous. Adults should get vaccinations. Children must have vaccinations. There isn’t one legitimate excuse, and certainly no scientific or medical excuse, to not being vaccinated. Not one.

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