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COVID-19 may be linked to diabetes — more reasons for the vaccine

A new clinical study has shown that over half of COVID-19 patients developed diabetes in individuals who were not previously diagnosed with diabetes. In addition, the majority of intubated COVID-19 patients and those who died of the disease had high blood sugar.

To be clear, pre-existing diabetes is a significant risk factor for individuals who contract COVID-19, but this study provides evidence that COVID-19 itself can cause hyperglycemia. Of course, increased blood sugar caused by COVID-19 will put the patient at even higher risk of hospitalization and death, so it becomes a positive feedback loop.

I’ve written about this before — there is solid evidence that COVID-19 is linked to diabetes, but this study not only reinforces that claim but also researchers have proposed a biologically plausible mechanism for causing it.

Let’s take a look at this new research and the proposed mechanism.

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