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Antivaccine cult resorts to ad hominem attacks

Last updated on September 14th, 2020 at 12:04 pm

I get a lot of email about this blog. Most of it is nice, many asking questions or recommending future topics. I do enjoy the recommendations, because it sometimes leads to some interesting areas of research.

Occasionally, I get critical emails, some civil, and some not quite as civil. And I got one of those emails, with interesting and not very creative ad hominem attacks – really could some of you do better than this?

Today’s email comes from one Marc Goertz of the Netherlands. Now I used to live in the Netherlands, and in my time there, I never once met someone as rude as this. Especially after a jenever or two.

So here we go:

Hey Monsanto vaccine asshole,

Good start. Although I’m almost certain that Monsanto has nothing to do with vaccines, and vaccines are not placed inside of the rectum, it’s always important to begin a rant with the old Monsanto/Big Pharma Shill Gambit. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see this kind of logical fallacy. Amusing, but really, where do we go next?

look at the pictures boy

Radio interview

Anecdotes and non-peer reviewed random commentary that really has nothing to do with anything. Why is it that the antivaccine cult doesn’t understand that evidence, high quality evidence, matters? Not some photos and some people ranting on YouTube.

Biology from a top US research university, and a graduate degree in Biochemistry/Endocrinology from a major US research university. I did my post-graduate work in a multi-national pharmaceutical company???????????

And your point is?

thats the way you are brainwashed you mean….

hahahahahahahah so there you are ; thats why you can t think anymore ;;

pharmaceutical puppet!!

Oh yes. My moral and ethical backbone is so weak and tenuous that I can’t think logically and scientifically any more.

Oh wait. I know what this is. Transference. Mr. Goertz’s lack of moral fortitude, that he can be bribed for $10.00, is transferred to me. It’s sad really.

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles Is A Book For Children……great book !!!!!!!

Ah yes, the book that wants to actually cause healthy children to catch measles, a relatively dangerous and deadly disease. If we stop vaccinating children against measles, my Big Pharma and Monsanto (well, probably not Monsanto) overlords will be ecstatic, since all those hundreds of thousands of children who end up in hospitals will require all those Big Pharma drugs and Big Pharma devices to save their lives. The overlords will be rolling in the gold bars shipped to the overlord castle in the mountains.

Oh yes, one more thing. I review a lot of books on Amazon, and I’ve never seen so many negative reviews of that dangerous book. Never.

Maybe Mr. Goertz was bored. Or just needed to vent. Or maybe he’s a really good Poe. But ad hominem attacks really just show that he lacks any evidence for his ignorance, so resorting to that logical fallacy just reinforces the finding that he lacks that evidence.

Michael Simpson

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