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Benefits to Skeptical Raptor Patrons — no advertising

Last updated on June 12th, 2022 at 12:21 pm

I know that many of you hate the advertising on here — so I have a special benefit of no advertising for any of you who contribute on Patreon.

All you have to do is go to my Patreon Page and my latest posts from here will appear there as if they were magic. Except, we all know it’s not magic, it’s the internet. If you are not a Patron, you can become one by clicking on the link below:

Become a Patron!

I really can use your help, so if you could become a Patron, I’d really appreciate it. Researching and writing these articles is not exactly easy, and I feel as if I am doing a service to the community. And again, if you become a Patron you can leisurely read the article over at Patreon with no advertising, just verbiage.

I also want to thank all of my current Patrons:

Daniel Pyron
Kelsey Hollenback
Mary Jo Jennings
Carmel Goodfellow
Paul Darden
Elizabeth Faber
Kevin Folta
Christina Niederstadt
Linda L Vaxvick
Stacey Orlowski
Ross Grayson
Mildred calabash
Abraham Alahmad
Tom Dayton
Nicole Boquette
K. Roark
jutta baum
Mark Beresford
Kathryn Marks
Tari Lee Johnson
Ros Byrne
Magdalen Wind-Mozley
Kate Watson
Ben Larkin
Brian Weireter
Mona Albano
David Reher
Glen Otero
Shaila E. Simmons
Allison Hagood
Les Witherspoon
Tim Harding
Lloyd Bowles
Mary Severinghaus

Thanks again, everyone.

Michael Simpson

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