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David Gorski conspiracies – Mike Adams is wrong

The blogosphere has been all intoxicated by Mike Adams, the self-styled Health Ranger who publishes the Natural News website, and his detailing of various David Gorski conspiracies. At first, I thought that Adams was a bit insane, a view that Dr. Gorski himself stated.

In case you don’t know, David Gorski is the managing editor of the website Science-Based Medicine, which is like the anti-Natural News.

But upon further review, and doing my own research, I have come to the conclusion that Mike Adams is pretty much wrong but not for the reasons you might think. I think Adams got lazy and didn’t do a thorough investigation, as befits someone who claims to be the Health Ranger.

I hope that Mike Adams forwards an official Shill Check™ to me for performing this valuable duty to science and the Truth™.

David Gorski conspiracies – THE list


Using my trusty tinfoil hat, 15 minutes of Google, powerful anecdotes, and personal conversations with a pig farmer in England, added to my advanced degree in conspiracy science, I present to you, the loyal reader, the official list (certified by me and published in a secret peer-reviewed journal) of David Gorski Conspiracies.

There you have it. It’s amazing what real research can find if you really put your mind to it.

Michael Simpson

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