The Discovery Institute opposes Indiana’s Creationist Bill

Last updated on August 24th, 2019 at 11:20 am

Kids love the theory of intelligent design.

The Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that focuses on Intelligent Design, has issued a press release that “condemns passage of creationism bill by Indiana Senate as bad science and bad education.”  The irony is so thick that it’s displacing oxygen in the atmosphere, since Intelligent Design is simply a flavor of creationism that purports to be a scientific theory that proposes that evolution is controlled or directed by an intelligent designer.  They state, in the release that:

“Instead of injecting religion into biology classes, legislators should be working to promote the inclusion of more science,” said Joshua Youngkin, a law and policy analyst at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. “There are plenty of scientific criticisms of Darwin’s theory today, and science students should be able to hear about them, not about religion.”

A review of facts (and by facts, I mean evidence that support a factual conclusion) would lead us to a different set of conclusions:

  1. These creationists keep stating that there is “plenty of scientific criticisms of Darwin’s theory today.”  Except for the fact that there is not much criticism.  That a population of organisms change in phenotype and genotype over time is no longer disputed.  That is the Theory of Evolution, essentially a fact in science.  The mechanisms are constantly being refined; for example, it used to be thought that only genetic drift and natural selection were the only mechanisms, and are still considered powerful ones, but now there are others being considered.  It is how science works, and it isn’t considered a criticism of Darwin’s theory.
  2. Intelligent design isn’t scientific.  In a landmark ruling in Federal Court, Kitzmiller v. Dover states that intelligent design isn’t scientific and is a religious doctrine.
  3. The Discovery Institutes “Wedge Strategy” states that, the goal of intelligent design is to “reverse the stifling materialist world view and replace it with a science consonant with Christian and theistic convictions.”

So there you have it.  The intelligent design movement is opposed to the Indiana creationist bill, and it’s because they don’t want it widely known that ID is really a religion.  That irony is making it hard to breathe.

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