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Help out this website by subscribing through Patreon

Writing for and maintaining this website is a full-time job for the old feathered dinosaur, known as the Skeptical Raptor. I support this website with advertising, but I know it’s intrusive and sometimes slows down the loading of my content. Plus, the Google AdSense system occasionally puts some adverts that are antithetical to what most of our pro-science point-of-view.

You can help supporting the Skeptical Raptor by subscribing through Patreon (just click on this link, you can subscribe). For just US$5 per month (or more if you are Bill Gates), you get ad-free content that allows you to read the article with no distractions. And I try to limit the size of my articles to a 10-minute read for my audience.

Please consider subscribing to this website through Patreon, as it will help me continuing providing content for you in vaccines, COVID-19, diet fads, cancer, and whatever else interests me. And if you, as a Patron of the Skeptical Raptor have an idea for an article, drop it in the comments. I’m always looking for good ideas.

I appreciate those of you who are Patrons already, you are helping me keep focused on new content. And I hope a bunch of you will help out by joining.

Michael Simpson

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