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hard cash on a briefcase

COVID misinformation campaigns are very profitable

A Washington Post report reveals that anti-vaccine groups profited from COVID-19 misinformation, raising over $118 million from 2020 to 2022. Pre-pandemic revenue was dwarfed as groups like Children’s Health Defense and ICAN increased fundraising efforts and salaries for executives like RFK Jr and Del Bigtree. These organizations have promoted false narratives about COVID-19 vaccines and unsupported treatments, such as ivermectin, posing public health risks and undermining vaccine mandates for children’s diseases.

kennedy vaccine

Robert F Kennedy Jr makes good money pushing anti-vaccine nonsense

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has profited substantially from promoting anti-vaccine misinformation. Despite his background in environmental advocacy, he refutes scientific evidence on vaccines. His book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” has generated millions in sales, raising ethical concerns. By prioritizing personal gain over public health, Kennedy’s actions undermine efforts to combat COVID-19 and other preventable diseases.

Merck mumps vaccine lawsuit

District Court dismisses 2010 Merck mumps vaccine lawsuit

In July 2023, a False Claims Act lawsuit against Merck, alleging fraud related to the mumps vaccine, was dismissed due to lack of material evidence. The court found that the government’s decision to contract with Merck was based on its own data about effectiveness, rendering any misrepresentations by Merck immaterial. The lawsuit has been appealed to the Third Circuit.