Poll: what’s scarier than Ebola


There are actually more worrisome public health issues than Ebola.

What worries you?

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6 Replies to “Poll: what’s scarier than Ebola”

  1. I’ll say that I consider this poll to be ill constructed. Ebola has the potential to do not just more than the human damage that it’s already extracted, but to destabilize nations just barely coming out of civil strife.

    1. You know that I do these polls for fun, and to get a general idea of what people are thinking.

      Be that as it may, it’s hard for me to agree with you when there have been 14,000 cases…out of a population of 245 million!!! My guess would be when the flu flies through those 245 million, we’ll have a hundred million cases, with 100,000 deaths.

      If we’re going to look at diseases in that area, malaria, other parasites, infectious diseases, war, religion, exploitation by mining and lumber corporations, and on and on would be substantially more dangerous than Ebola.

  2. I cycle to work each day, so the thing that scares me most is reckless drivers. Also, heart disease, which is why I cycle to work each day.

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