Pro-vaccine commentary from Dorit Rubinstein Reiss – anti-vaxxers whine

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Over this past weekend, Professor Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a frequent contributor to this website, posted an impassioned pro-vaccine commentary regarding the measles outbreaks in Rockland County, NY and New York City. She posted her rant (that’s what she calls it, but it’s more of social commentary) on her Facebook page, and it was shared widely.

Of course, within a few hours of her post, the anti-vaccine terrorists went on full attack mode doing everything from calling her childish names to verifiable threats of violence. The anti-vaxxers are a horrible religion, getting angry and using violent hate speech whenever they aren’t coddled by the pseudoscientific liars like Del Bigtree

Let’s look at Professor Reiss’ pro-vaccine commentary. Then let’s show the vile hateful and bigoted comments from the anti-vaxxers.

Pro-vaccine commentary

Professor Reiss posted this on 13 April 2019 (it’s been slightly edited for a couple of grammatical errors):

Dear antivaccine activists,

You do not want your public health authorities to reach for emergency tools like in Rockland and NYC?

Don’t put them in a position when they face an outbreak of a preventable disease that can’t be contained. Because in those situations, they will look for ways to contain it – and public health law gives them a set of pretty aggressive tools. They cannot just sit back and let people get sick; among other things, it’s their responsibility not to. It’s not the authorities that are the problem; it’s the outbreak, and you collectively caused it.

When you work to convince others not to vaccinate in the middle of an outbreak;

When you try to promote laws to weaken school immunization requirements that prevent outbreaks, or fight to avoid strengthening them;

When you don’t cooperate with less coercive efforts to contain outbreaks;

You increase the chances of outbreaks and the chances that health authorities will reach into other public health tools in their arsenal.

Don’t want that? Help limit, contain and prevent outbreaks, or at least, don’t work to make them uncontainable or more severe.

Let’s be clear about what she wrote – the anti-vaxxers are whining and screaming (and using Holocaust references that expose their nascent anti-Semitism) about authorities attempting to vaccinate children to protect them from a measles outbreak that is the sole responsibility of the anti-vaxxers who refuse to use a safe and effective MMR vaccine

Professor Reiss’ narrative was wholly appropriate and placed the blame where it belonged. 

Anti-vaxxers and their atrocious hate speech 

Of course, any time Professor Reiss writes anything about vaccines, the anti-vaccine cockroaches crawl out of the detritus to make ignorant and despicable pronouncements about her. It’s generally disgusting, and it betrays their ignorance about the settled science of vaccines 

Here’s one post that uses every lie in the anti-vaccine playbook to try to contradict Professor Reiss:

pro-vaccine commentary

In fact, the vaccine is not linked to autism, not linked to diabetes, and not linked to anything else that Elaine mentions. And as for “shedding” – she keeps using that word, and I don’t think it means what she thinks it means. But of course, someone who has 0 education or experience in vaccine research (based on the lack of education or publications in vaccine science) pontificates on her pseudoscientific beliefs as if she had. 

Of course, the comments are horrendous. Here are a few:

pro-vaccine commentary

I think Karin is confused. Reiss has a Ph.D. in law and has specialized in public health legal matters. What has Karin ever done? Oh, yeah, that Google University degree again. 

How about this violent threat:

Or religious garbage:

Because I know Dorit Rubinstein Reiss very well, and she is the nicest, most kind person I know. As opposed to Angela’s religous-based hatred.

Or creating a hateful post about Reiss’ husband

And a dose of disgusting anti-Semitism, just because that’s what they do:

I’m tired of this hatred from anti-vaccine religion. It’s interesting that Professor Reiss’ pro-vaccine commentary is based on evidence. That’s because we know that ALL of the legitimate, robust, repeated scientific evidence has firmly established that vaccines are extremely safe and extremely effective.

So all the anti-vaxxers can do is employ ad hominem personal attacks. Because that’s all they have. 



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