COVID-19 vaccine facts and debunking myths — the semi-complete list

COVID-19 vaccine facts

There are so many myths about the COVID-19 vaccine, I wanted to post some facts about the new vaccines which we can use for debunking purposes. I used to think that the HPV vaccine brought the most hatred and misinformation from the anti-vaccine world, but it’s clear that the new COVID-19 vaccines are their new targets.

This article will only focus on the five vaccines that I believe will eventually receive FDA or European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval – Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ Janssen), and Novavax vaccines. I remain unconvinced that any vaccine made in China or the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will ever get approved by countries with robust drug regulatory agencies. However, if they are, I will certainly add them to a future iteration of this list.

I’m going to make this in a basic chart form for ease of use in finding COVID-19 vaccine facts and myths. I will link to supporting evidence wherever relevant.

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Spikevax — the wonderfully named Moderna COVID vaccine is FDA approved


Today, 31 January 2022, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, with the outstanding name of Spikevax, was approved in the USA by the FDA. Spikevax, which went by the name of mRNA-1273 during clinical trials, had been approved under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) since late 2020. This will be the second COVID-19 vaccine approved by the FDA after Pfizer‘s Cominarty vaccine received FDA approval on 23 August 2021.

This short post (for me, at least) will review the salient points about the FDA approval for Spikevax. And I hope whatever marketing geek at Moderna who came up with that name gets a big bonus check and promotion.

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