Google search terms – pseudoscience examples

Google provides me with the search terms that result in clicking on a link to this website. I rarely look at them, but today I looked to find all of the search terms that were pseudoscience examples – some of them were hysterical.

I wanted to do something completely different – away from the anti-vaccination hate-filled creeps, away from the anti-science GMO beliefs, and everything else. Let’s amuse ourselves with some of my favorite search terms over the past three months.

The humorous


“colon cleanse poop pictures” – excuse me, but what?

“how much money does bill gates use to force vaccinations” – I would say approximately $0.

“dr mary’s monkey debunked” – I don’t personally debunk monkeys, but I’m sure someone does.

“what people look like who eat GMOs” – unless I’m missing something, we look like mutated monkeys who need to be debunked.

“alternative medicine is bullshit” – absolutely.

“paul offit paid by big pharma” – this is still around? The answer is no.

“is the skeptical raptor really orac” – oh not this again.

Medical pseudoscience examples


“what is better china acupuncture for bells palsy or neurologist doctor” – since acupuncture has no effect for bells palsy, let’s go with a neurologist.

“is mucoid plaque real” – absolutely not.

“do ripe bananas prevent cancer” – absolutely not. By the way, variations on this search are one of the top hits to my blog. People really believe a Facebook meme that bananas cure/prevent/treat cancer.

“medical medium quack” – anyone who thinks they can use psychic readings to diagnose or treat diseases is a quack.

“marijuana cures cancer” – this belief just won’t go away. And this is the number one search that leads to this website.

“big pharma conspiracy theory” – yes, they’re pushing against vaccines to make more money.

“glyphosate causes autism” – exactly how?

“does high fructose corn syrup cause autism” – everything causes autism!

“sayer ji quack” – without a doubt

“e cigarettes are safe for children” – what? I’m not even sure they’re safe for adults.

Vaccine pseudoscience examples


“does MMR vaccine cause autism” – NO! Look what you have wrought, Mr. Andy Wakefield. Variations of this search is also in the top 5 of Google hits that lead to this website.

“which religions are against vaccines” – hardly any, so get your child vaccinated.

“is tetyana obukhanych a reliable source about vaccines” – that would be no.

“lucija tomljenovic dangers of vaccines” – if only her publications weren’t being retracted.

“is the hpv vaccine safe” – yes. Why is this still a question. Oh yea, see above.

“diane harper against the hpv vaccine” – based on her publications, no. Based on her public comments, who knows.

“vaccines cause mthfr gene mutation” – only if you believe quacks.

“consequences if children are not vaccinated” – well, they may die.

“who is behind the hpv vaccine conspiracy” – there’s a conspiracy? Well, then I take credit.

“do vaccines destroy my baby’s immune system” – if all I do with this website is debunk this one myth, I’ll be a happy scientist.

“did the polio vaccine cause cancer” – no, but that doesn’t stop this myth from  propagating across the internet.

“vaccines and nazis” – I don’t even know how to respond but bang my head on the desk. Ouch.

“france stopped all vaccinations” – oh really?

“japan stopped hpv vaccines” – kind of, but based on awful evidence. And what are these tropes about other countries?

“who is heather murray” – no clue.

And it just keeps happening


“who is behind the real skeptical raptor” – lots of speculation, but I can assure you it’s not Barack Obama.


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